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[Mar. 12th, 2025|11:44 pm]
A bonny fine maid of a noble degree,
With a hey down down a down down
Maid Marian calld by name )
Did live in the North, of excellent worth,
For she was a gallant dame.
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[Feb. 14th, 2021|09:26 pm]
[Current Mood |uncomfortable]

[Filtered to the Merry Men]
Being back feels weird. I still don't feel like it's real.

I guess it all takes time.

You came to find me. I can't tell you what that means.
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Filtered to Artemis [Nov. 8th, 2020|03:28 pm]
I know I said I didn't feel comfortable involving other people with our Sheriff problems but I also know that you're the best tracker I've ever met and that I trust you.

How good at you with finding people? The sheriff has a house somewhere that has a prison set up in it for us, and I would very much like to find out where he and this place is.
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[Oct. 17th, 2020|01:48 am]
[Current Mood |exhausted]

[Filtered to Artemis]

Sometimes, of late, the desire to disappear into the forest seems like the only true and pure thing I feel.

How's your life, oh queen of said forests?
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Filtered away from the baddies [Oct. 15th, 2020|02:44 am]
[Current Mood |okay]

I'm finally back on the 9-5 and it's starting to settle into me now. The first few days were brutal because I sort of forget that going to bed at 4am and getting up at midday weren't real human hours. But how quickly the body clock remembers the centuries of habit.

So I'm working IT at NYU, and it's on campus most days and a smidge from home. I like the on campus bit. The students are such wee bairns though. I know most of us all look young but they look young. There's something about mortals that we never have, probably to do with their imperfect skin and awkward growth spurts and general humanness. It's touching and hopeful.

Of course, working every day means looking over my shoulder every day to make sure I'm not leaning one of those knobs right back to my home/our safehouse. I'd forgotten what a pain that was.
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[Oct. 6th, 2020|08:24 pm]
[Current Mood |tired]

[Merry Men]
Merlin said that he'll have a think about other options. Some other solution that isn't my terrible solution. It's not really a plan, but at least it's someone else powerful on our side?
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[Oct. 4th, 2020|01:54 am]
[Current Mood |exhausted]

[Filtered away from the Merry Men]

The desire to get horrendously drunk comes upon me more and more often of late. It's probably lucky I'm not prone to alcoholism or depression. The wonders of being a storybook damsel?

Are there any good bars or cafes in the city for immortals that are run as neutral spaces? I know about Diogenes, but surely it's not the only place in the city that's run that way. There's a ludicrous number of immortals around in New York City, after all.
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[Filtered to the Merry Men] [Sep. 30th, 2020|01:05 pm]
I wanted to wait for a quiet moment in everyone's life to post about this, but there's always one thing or another happening and the longer I put it off the worse I feel. So it's time to come clean.

I've been avoiding you all a lot of the time, because I've had a lot of thinking going on. None of it is good.

Right after the sheriff killed Tuck we were all talking about how to deal with him and I made a comment then about building a prison and locking him inside it, feeding him through some hole in the wall and just forgetting about him. I was angry and frustrated and I didn't know what to do. None of us knew what to do.

But then, after Will and Much killed him and I had to cover their tracks and I thought even more about what could have happened to them-

I built the prison room.

The men's room at the Fox isn't out of order. It's been reinforced and soundproofed, sealed up as a place to keep someone who might hurt us. It's solid and I've spent a lot of time making sure of that.

I made it as a back up plan. I made it so it would be there if it was needed. And I made it before I saw the blueprints of his house, the prison he plans to keep all of us in.

I'm not being captured and kept, and neither are any of you. I was serious when I said in that post that I would take sole responsibility over him if we do this. I will. If this becomes a thing we do, no one else is getting the key to that door. That door never opens once he's inside. No one else talks to him. In fact, no one talks to him at all. The reason I am taking responsibility is because sometimes, I swear to god, I'm the only one of you who doesn't fall go his goading attempts.

I know that you're probably going to be angry about this. About the fact that I'm thinking about doing this, and about the fact that I didn't tell anyone. I didn't want to burden anyone with the information unless it looked like it was actually going to happen, but everyone should know. Keeping secrets is too dangerous.

But the sheriff is going to keep coming at us. This might not be the best or most moral plan, but it's one of the only ones we have.

I am just trying to keep us all safe.

[Will Stutely and Friar Tuck]
I'm giving you an out to claim innocence on knowing about all this if you want to take it. That's your choice.
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[Sep. 5th, 2020|02:14 pm]
[After finding Much, Marian calls each of the Merry Men individually to let them know he's safe. The phonecalls are short and consist of something like: we found him getting high in a park near his work, he's safe, I don't want to talk about it, if you want more details than that he's at the Parsonage.

She didn't mention the girl he was with, although part of her felt like she should.

After she's called the last person, she crawl onto her couch to plays some angry and frustrated Apex Legends.]
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Life Hack: enough different poptart flavours everyday and you'll have covered all the food groups [Jul. 22nd, 2020|12:35 pm]
Ghost of Tsushima is out and it is good. Not just good but so so pretty. I could spend hours in photo mode on this thing.

Being unemployed really sucks as does job hunting, but at least I'm getting some quality gaming and beers done. Thank god, right? If I don't fall upon that sword, who will? (I've been working my way back through Dark Souls 3 and Saints Row 3, so I feel like I need a third-third to carry it. Maybe I'll go super old school and hit Wolfenstein 3D?)

Anyone out there looking for an incredibly qualified IT consultant/IT support analyst/network administrator? My Suitable For Humans resume looks really good, but my actual Much Older Than I Look resume is even better.
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Filtered to Will Stutely [Jul. 19th, 2020|10:50 pm]
I feel rubbish that I haven't found the time to have a proper sit down with you since I got back from fairyland and you returned to us, with all the horribleness going on at the same time. Passing like ships in the night at Tuck's doesn't count as seeing each other.

So can we meet up? Get drinks? You haven't even had a change to see the new clubhouse I bought for us.
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[Jul. 4th, 2020|07:08 pm]
[Filtered to the Merry Men]

█ ▀ █▀▄▀█   █▄▄ ▄▀█ █▀▀ █▄▀ █ █
█ ░ █░▀░█   █▄█ █▀█ █▄▄ █░█ ▄ ▄

It sounds like it's been longer for you than it was for me, because time moved a little differently there in - and I cannot believe this has become a normal sentence - the fairy tale world. But for me it felt long enough

I got turned into a bird! And I accompanied Sir Lancelot on a quest! And I helped defeat a golem!

What I'm basically saying is that everything has been balls-to-the-wall insane but in a way that started to feel completely normal.

I've only seen Tuck and Much so far because the parsonage was sort of where I got spat out, but I've missed you all so much!

Robin, I love you. And here I declare publicly that if you're still angry with me I will perform any quest or mission you ask. I've been on a quest now, I know how it works, and I will do whatever I need to so that you will forgive me. I LOVE YOU. I won't ever stop loving you, I have never stopped loving you. And if you decide you're done with me for good then... I know I'll have to accept that, but I cannot leave the Merry Men. I can't leave this family, because we all need each other. And if that's the case, we'll make it work like adults. If we have to.

God, I'm so happy to be home. You need to meet my new friends though. Elaine is the goddess of fairy tales and she's a little unsure about being in this world, and she's strange and quaint but very lovely. And Sir Lancelot is amazing and exactly what you'd picture of a knight of the round table, but I feel like he needs more good people around him. He seems lonely, and I think he should come meet you all and be less lonely. I've talked so much about my Merry Men.

I desperately need to see all of you. ASAP. Your Marian has missed you terribly.
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[May. 30th, 2020|06:40 pm]
[The feeling of comfort and peace that Marian felt in Fairytales' little home was a welcome change. Yes, there was a monster outside the front door, but Marian had been told it wouldn't hurt her unless she tried to leave in that direction. So she simply didn't, and the golem paid her no mind.

She got the feeling that there were probably things that lurked in the woods nearby - fairytales always had things like wolves and witches - so she kept close to the house.

But she had promised Much that she would message him every day, and that was looking less possible, as her phone refused to pick up a signal. No surprise there. On the advice of Fairytales she jumped the back fence - going through it meant going through the portal and back into the real world somewhere - and took a walk through the fields behind until she got a single bar of reception, phone held aloft.

For Marian it had been three days. She didn't know how much time had passed in the real world.

She hit send, and hoped the message got where it was going.]

[Text to Much]
This is going to sound VERY weird, but on my way out of town I sort of got sucked through a portal into some sort of fairy world?? I'm here with the goddess of Fairy Tales (yes REALLY) and I'm fine and not being held captive but reception is very bad. I think Fairy Tales has something she wants me to do while I'm here, so I'm going to help her. Think of it like a quest. Don't know when I'll be home from here but I'll try to message you again when I can.
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[May. 27th, 2020|02:27 pm]
It's been such a long week and it's only Wednesday. I don't think I can even be bothered going into work for the rest of it.

You don't have to reply to this, but I wanted you to know that since everyone is going to be at Tuck's place, you should be there too and I won't bother you there. I'll leave you alone, and I'll mostly be outside anyway. The Merry Men are your boys and I only get them through you. I know that. So... don't avoid a get together just because I'll be there.
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[May. 16th, 2020|06:48 pm]
[Current Mood |frustrated]

One of the most frustrating things about working IT at a company where almost everyone is 50+, is that any time there's even the slightest computer problem, they completely shut down and refuse to even comprehend it. There's this one guy who keeps turning off the anti-virus software and then, surprise surprise, keeps having to have his entire system wiped clean because it's full of viruses. I don't know what sort of sites he's spending his work hours on, but please please just leave the anti-virus programs running!

And then when I tell them, for the fourth and fifth time, what they did and why it broke their computer, they start saying things like 'Oh, it's easy for you, you're young, I'm too old to learn new things like this'

You, sir, didn't have to adjust to the existence of ELECTRICITY (or mechanical vehicles! or antibiotics! or the telegraph!), so I think you can learn to grasp the concept of not turning off the one thing I've asked you not to turn off.

And as a secondary note to another employee: lesbian porn is not an appropriate wallpaper for your work computer, especially when you call me up to work on it.
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[May. 14th, 2020|03:07 am]
[Current Mood |pleased]

[Filtered to the Merry Men - including Leila]

You boys are about to be singing my praises all the live long day.

There was a pub in Upper Manhattan that got foreclosed on about a year back and it's just been sitting there. Those greedy bastards barely even keep count of the number of properties they steal out from under the working class and this is just another one of them. I looked into the owner and it seems like he was sick at the time he stopped making payments and has since passed on.

But the poor bloke's pub has been sitting abandoned and unwanted, all boarded up and forgotten.

That is until your own little Marian went into the bank's systems and changed their details to reflect a sale. Your own little Marian did it pretty flawlessly, I might add, and I'm pretty chuffed with how well it worked. So now it's officially mine, which means it's officially ours. I've already been in to collect all the paperwork and the keys, which I'll get cut for all of you as well.

She's called The Sly Fox and after she's had a bit of a clean up she'll be beautiful.

We need to keep a slightly low profile with it, so we can't open up to the public and run it as a pub - not that I think any of us really want to run a pub, even if some of you are momentarily thinking what a jolly idea that would be. You don't want to run a pub: it's not like drinking all day, it's like working all day.

So we keep her boarded up and we use the back door and it'll be safe as houses. But it'll be safe as houses that have kegs installed.
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[May. 8th, 2020|05:30 pm]
Oh no, boys! This should have been ours! I'm so sad that it's burned down because that's a dream treehouse right there :(
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[May. 3rd, 2020|03:30 pm]
[Filtered to the REAL Merry Men]
Are you seeing this??
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[May. 1st, 2020|04:53 am]
[Current Mood |contemplative]

May Day! Spring is here in all its glory and were it five hundred years ago I'd be dressed in a flower crown being the May Queen. But those days are long gone now, and not many even remember that part of me - the May Queen type, some strange personification of the Virgin Mary (not holding up my end of that bargain at all) or hangover of an ancient forgotten goddess. It's always weird to think of yourself in those terms, about how you're only pieces of stories that humans made up. After a while it makes your head hurt, like thinking about any good paradox will do. I remember all these things happening, and other share those same memories with me... but technically they never happened? So how does that work?

Belief is a funny thing. Humans are a funny thing, bless 'em.

I think I'm going to flower crown it up today anyway, no matter that it's 2020 and no one's doing May Day. But I look good in flowers. My little lady in Animal Crossing is in a flower crown half the time anyway.
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[Mar. 22nd, 2020|10:28 pm]
They still haven't managed to catch the jewel thieves from the December Dresden heist, which just goes to show how lucky and/or well planned they were. €1 billion in stolen loot! Priceless cultural treasures and diamonds! The largest museum heist in history!

God, I wish that was us, lads. Wish that was us. Should we start training to break into museums, mission impossible style? Sounds hard, but I bet we'd look cool on those long ropes and one of you is going to have to learn to backflip through fields of lasers.

Besides, you know they're not using that ill-gotten wealth for the good of anyone but themselves. At least, I assume. But imagine if not: imagine if the biggest museum heist in history turned out to be for the good of the people. Amazing.

(I'm only writing this post while I take a short break from Doom Eternal because it is intense and I needed a cup of tea.)
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